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We offer enterprise resources planning and customer relationships management.

Network Solutions

Wide Area Network- VSAT, Microwave Radio, Fiber Optics & VPN Audiovisual (Video collaboration solutions), IT infrastructure Audit, Cyber security, data Centre Solutions Network monitoring solutions, SD-WAN, Network information security.

Telecoms Transmission infrastructure provision

Telecom fibre cable installation & and services (Dark Fibre Services), Microwave radio installation and services, Mini Branch Solutions for financial institutions and medium-sized companies, V-Sat and Internet Services Provision, International Circuit Provision, Mast/ Base Station Infrastructure provision & services.

Intelligent business solutions

Physical security systems (Video management/ CCTV systems, access control system, intrusion detection systems) Building automation systems, Biometric and identification systems, Radar and AIS systems, explosion-proof camera systems installation in hazardous environments, long-range thermal camera solutions, and control room solutions.

Building Management Solution (Smart homes accessibility)

Lighting, Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), Fire, Smoke dexterity and alarms, Lifts, industrial processes or equipment, Shading devices, and Smart meters.

Engineering Designs

Front-end engineering Designs, Basic Design and Engineering Packages, Basic Engineering Packages.

Research and Development

General research, Software Development and Support, Plotting newly developed solutions and solutions customization


Softworks Incident Management System


Tax Administration and Processing System

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