How to Restore Inactive Customers’ Interest in Your Brand

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Having an inactive customer can be costly; if a company’s customers are not interested in what a company does, the company may struggle to succeed. While your brand may have a few loyal customers who have become brand advocates for your product or service, the same brand might have inactive customers who were once excited about your product or service but are no longer. This means they have lost confidence in your ability to satisfy their needs.

In this article, we will share six tips to re-ignite your customer’s interest.

  1. Ask the right questions

When a brand’s team is able to ask the right questions, they have taken the first step toward reviving customer interest. The team must consider how they got started, what they were doing before they stopped, how prices affect their customers, how service delivery affects their customers, whether their customers are truly satisfied with their product, and whether they are customer-centric or profit-centric. Answering this question can provide a lot of insight into how to begin the process of reviving their customers’ interests.

  1. Subscribe to listening

A phone call is the best way to reconnect. Call them and have a casual conversation, during which you can ask them why they are inactive, the goal here is to listen without any interruption, ask appropriate follow-up questions, and be sensitive to their frustrations. Most times, customers simply just want to be heard.

  1. Send An Email

After reaching out via a call, Check-in with them via email detailing what you have learned from conversing with them and how you’ll be able to find a suitable solution. Consider offering them an enticing deal. When a customer feels like they’re being heard, they’re more likely to reconnect and start engaging with your brand again.

  1. Use discounts as a tool for price-sensitive customers

Some customers discontinue the use of your services due to pricing. Here, you can try to offer discounts or provide reasonable negotiation options. Although discounts are a very effective tool, they should be used with caution.

  1. Poke them through social media

One way to revive inactive customer interest is through social media. Get your inactive customers excited by sharing engaging content. Content that speaks to them; this strategy gives them a reason to return to your page; as they return, you can arouse their interest once more.

  1. Remind them:

There is a saying that “people often forget”. Create a campaign that gets your brand into your customers’ faces again. Keep reminding them that you still provide great service.

Pricing, service delivery, customer service, and other factors may all influence a customer’s decision to discontinue the use of your services. Most importantly, you must become aware of these reasons in order to avoid losing future clients.