Human Resources Management is the strategic way of managing people and resources in an organization with the aim of helping the company’s business achieve its set objectives and goals.
HR Service Delivery is defined as a service that is being rendered to both the employer and the employees. It is the support system that provides services throughout the employees’ life cycle, from hire to retire, on-boarding, payroll, and compensation and benefits both from application to departure and all the moments in between.
Like an organization has a department called the CUSTOMER SERVICE department, which aim at satisfying both internal and external customers by attending to all their complaints, inquiries and suggestions to the organization.
Likewise, the HR department acts as the cord that connects/ binds both the employer and the employee together.
Technology that Supports Modern HR Service Delivery

The key capabilities of HR Service Delivery includes;

Employee file Management:
The HR team in the organization is expected to have up-to-date employee records stored in their filing cabinets (traditional way). However, we are in the digital age, where technology exist to help store employee documents in one central location, using employee filing management solutions. This makes it much easier for HR staff to gain access to employee information or records faster when needed.

Employee Case Management:
This technology enables employee to submit requests or complaints they have or must have encountered at their jobs. These requests/complaints are is automatically routed to HR personnel using self-service technology, which enables the employee case management to generate tickets for all requests, and at the same time are attended to by the HR personnel.

Process Automation:
This technology allows employees’ request/ complaints to be easily routed to the HR helpdesk for the HR personnel to act on it. For example, if an employee has a request regarding applying for a staff Loan, by submitting e- form stating the request, a ticket is generated and directed straight to the Loan specialist for an action.
Process Automation helps HR manage the arrangements of employee needs and inquiries. It is also called HR Service delivery process flow. The step-by-step process it takes for HR to attend to issues/ enquires submitted for the HR department to resolve.

HR Service Delivery platforms make it easy to track, collect and analyze employee data and information so that HR can better understand where they need to focus and better improve their internal operations. Modernize HR Service delivery enables accurate reporting, thereby making it easy to view standardized generated data in a simple way.

HR Service Delivery is an important tool in our digital world. HR is persuaded to be cost-effective, meet employees’ expectations, and contribute to the strategic direction of the organizational business goals. It is imperative for employees to have what they want at a CLICK or SNAP OF THEIR FINGER without physically meeting HR Personnel.
It is of great significance to impact the workplace with innovative HR Service Delivery.

Source Material:
An article by Chika Nzekwue ACIPM, HR officer – Telnet Nigeria Limited.

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