Ways to spark your child’s love for tech


The world as we know it is constantly changing as tech becomes a greater part of our lives. This same technology has gracefully impacted our workplace and has also been extended to various homes and academic institutions. Preparing your child for that eventuality will give them an advantage over their peers, as our children need to be versed in information technology and artificial intelligence if they are to succeed in the future.

How can you promote a love of tech in your child?

1.Be supportive:

Endeavor not to disengage your child from I.T due to your lack of interest. Of truth, the older generation finds this new dependence on tech quite intimidating because few understand how it works. As humans, we fear what we do not understand, and technology is no different. Hence, stimulate your child’s love of tech, as your child discovers tech, you can learn alongside them too.

Point out practical applications of technology in everyday life:

Explore technology with your child by engaging them in problem and solution exercises that involve the application of technology. Give them more exercises to solve independently using the same pattern to sharpen their knowledge towards perfection.

Make tech fun

Learning does not have to be boring, likewise, you don’t have to try and make your child fall in love with tech using a black screen full of green numbers and letters. After all, how would that keep their attention?

Instead, there are a lot of apps and programs you can engage with to help you. If you’re worried about it, it’s a good idea to do some research. Which coding languages are most used in the world of tech, and are there any predictions about their use in the future? Knowing the answers to questions like these will guide your decision-making.

4. Organize a tech event for your child including their friends

It’s no secret that many public schools don’t offer computer science courses. However, thanks to educational websites, hosting tech events has never been easier. Invite your child’s closest friends, gather the neighborhood kids over Zoom, and get programming!

Encourage tinkering:

Allow them to tear down and rebuild up their toys casually. It makes them more inquisitive about learning how technology devices are made up. Also, consider inquiring if your child can develop a website for their next school project. Your child will have the added benefit of learning to layout their written work and publish it on a functioning web page.

6. Partner with your child’s teacher

If helping them from home is not convenient, work with your child’s teacher, or perhaps their school’s technology coordinator to bring the event to the classroom.

7. Promote computer science classes

If your child’s school does not offer computer science classes, programming may seem like a far-off dream. You’re not alone! It is never too late to join a nationwide movement to incorporate computer science into the core curriculum in public middle and high schools.