Essential Tips on Time Management for IT Professionals

  1. Set Priority

Create a list and identify your top priorities. Address your most important task or any task that will require your topmost mental alertness. Take time to visualize your day and think about upcoming goals or projects. This is also a great time to prioritize some of the items on your list. Tasks and projects need deadlines and goals–these are the ways for you to measure your progress and success. The bottom line: always have prioritized and clearly defined goals, objectives and deadlines.

  1. Plan ahead: schedule your tasks

These days, a lot of us are required to work at a very fast pace. Thus, documenting thoughts and tasks is the only way to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. Therefore, it is advisable to plan before embarking on any task.

  1. Multi-tasking and efficiency

People are most effective when they concentrate on one thing at a time. It is often said that it is better to finish one job then to start five. Efficiency is doing things right while effectiveness is doing the right thing. These abilities are essential for task optimality.

  1. Maximize your time

All of us have some time in the day that can be better used–for example, commuting, exercising or showering. This is the best time to envisage some of the tasks that will be performed when it rolls out.

  1. Monitor How Your Time is Spent

A great deal towards time management is to know how your time is spent. Take a day or two from your work week and document each activity and task you do.


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