Telnet Nigeria Limited is deeply committed to safeguarding the lives of its stakeholders in the advent of the novel coronavirus – COVID-19. The company has activated its Pandemic and Loss Prevention Policy in order to minimize the impact of this outbreak on lives and our business operations.

In addition, rigorous safety procedures have been introduced through the provision of hand sanitizers, monitoring of temperatures for all staff and visitors to the company premises; and we are highlighting the benefits of regular hand-washing amongst others. Any staff who has any of the symptoms as stated by the health advisory bodies should self-isolate and reach out to the relevant bodies (details provided to all our staff) and we encourage social distancing. We will continue to monitor the situation and respond adequately as the need arises.

For all visitors entering our premises, we request that you kindly abide by measures put in place to ensure that we minimize the possibilities of contracting or spreading the virus.

To our customers, we have put in place measures to minimize disruption to our quality and timely services to you and your organizations as a result of this pandemic.

As a technology organization, we have solutions to help our customers prepare, utilize and manage remote working for efficiency while ensuring productivity even when employees have the need to work remotely.

In addition, Telnet is working on contributing its quota to stemming this outbreak by deploying our know-how in technology and offering our services to the government in managing this pandemic using the technology available to us and taking into consideration our local peculiarities in Nigeria.
We are committed to working with all well-meaning Nigerians to stem this tide and return our economy and way of life to normalcy.