In the past, we struggled in HR to meet recruitment specifications and deadlines because we were not able to connect easily with candidates outside our immediate location, thereby narrowing our choices. Our recruitment process was time-consuming and whenever we found very good candidates in other locations, the process of interviewing them was laborious and expensive.

However, after acquiring teleconferencing equipment, our interview sessions have become more productive as:
– We are now able to connect to candidates in far off locations in the country, increasing our chances of getting the talent we need for our business.

– The quality of our interview panel has also been enhanced by the increased participation of our dispersed internal team members who do not need to travel out of their location for major selection sessions

– It is no longer a pain to fill long-distance positions in our regional offices and other locations as both candidates and interviewers can more easily complete the process.




It is an added benefit to be able to complete an interview process and make an accurate judgment about the candidates because we are able to record the session and review them at a later date.