A rather unfortunate event occurred in the second quarter of 2018.
iTECO won a contract to maintain and service three Ballistic Tourlock doors (a Boon Edam Revolving door product) which were installed at the entrance to a client’s facility.

On this fateful day, a lady approached one of the doors with a suitcase in-hand but was denied access because she had an extra carry-on bag. The security officer moved quickly to assist her through the revolving door. However, his hand got stuck between the door wing and the static door profile. The pain made him scream in anguish. Someone quickly tried to intervene by pulling the wing backwards and outwards but also got injured by the massive arm. Ultimately, helpers at the scene were able to get the security officer’s arm out, but not without significant damage to the door.

This accident caused a huge embarrassment to the client and pain to the people involved.
The client spent a lot of time and money to manage the incident and no job was lost.

Lessons to learn from the Incident

Safety first. Often we get to that point where we think we know it all and jump to number 3 on the task checklist without following the fundamentals. It is obvious the security personnel became complacent and neglected the safety precautions.
Revolving doors are designed for people only. The industrial standards for installing a revolving door require a standard door leaf to be also installed. This door leaf is designed for people with carry-on luggage and the disabled.