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Tax Solution

Tax matters. The financial resources with which the government discharges its numerous responsibilities come in the form of tax revenue and non-tax revenue; which is the overall objective of taxation. How people and businesses react in turn affects the level and structure of taxation. The question we consider is "how can tax policies be designed and developed to achieve its actual objective; given the complex economic and political environments we are in today?''

Nigeria has a distinct tax administration at each tier of government with the Joint Tax Board playing an overarching supervisory role. There are various challenges of taxation such as double taxation, over taxation to mention but a few.

Different countries have unique tax administration at each tier of government with the central government playing the supervisory role. In Nigeria for instance our solution enables taxpayers to enroll for a biometric-based Taxpayer Identification Number (T.I.N.) in any of the offices of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (F.I.R.S) nation-wide or any States Board of Inland Revenue (S.B.I.R) office. Once this is done, taxpayers are no longer required to have multiple registrations with multiple tax authorities as the Unique TIN is recognized nation-wide.

Beyond the systems and technology, our delivery approach guarantees success with a proven combination of global body of knowledge of good practices in the business environment.

The possibilities are endless.