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ICT is making a dynamic change in the society by influencing all aspects of life. The education sector is not exempted from this trend. It brings about collaborative, integrative and evaluative learning. It also has the potential to accelerate, enrich, and motivate the students by helping them to relate school experiences to work practices thereby ensuring the economic viability of tomorrow's workers or leaders.

Telnet school information management solution; PASSIS (Parents And Students School Interactive Systems) is a customisable online tool that enables seamless and unrestricted collaboration among parents, students, teachers and other school personnel for various purposes such as academic performance monitoring, school administration, database and performance management, result and transcript generation, time and attendance, and time-table scheduler. It provides an online platform for payment of tuition and other applicable fees at the click of a button.

Telnet's role in the education sector also includes an e-learning platform. Our e-learning solution simplifies the process of teaching, learning and evaluation. Students can study and write examinations online among other learning activities. It applies to school pupils, university students, employees and for the on-going training and development of professionals.

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