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Business Communication
Effective communication is a key factor in efficient business processes. Customers demand real-time responsiveness, all the time. Speed is taken to be the new currency of business. In today's environment, the key question is not whether to invest in infrastructure for effective communications but rather what type of infrastructure will give your enterprise that competitive edge it craves.

Understanding the key challenges within your enterprise is the only way to determine what to invest in. Telnet is the company with the skill, expertise and pedigree you need to support you in a manner that will allow you to take advantage of your unique market opportunities.

Our integrated network solutions utilizing communication tools such as V-SAT, Fiber, Radio, Unified communication and video-conferencing will enable your company stay connected to remote office locations, allowing you to rise up to the demands of the market space. We have deployed a VSAT hub solution for the delivery of highly secure connectivity services to remote branch offices and offsite ATMs.

Our audio visual and collaboration solutions allow for meetings to be held anywhere, you can share files real time, make presentations, and decisions can be taken by all relevant parties; all from the comfort of your office.

Whether you consider an investment in any of these solutions to be a way to cut costs or to increase productivity, these are necessary tools for your company to compete in the worldwide economy.